Jedy Hovercrafts are manufactured for rescue, commerical and personal recreational. Jedy Hovercrafts are very easy and fun to drive, designed with marine safety in mind. These amphibious vehicles allow you to hover over any flat surface, including water, ice, snow, sand, mud and grass. Jedy Hovercrafts are safe, reliable, durable and designed to make leisure and commerical hovercraft ownership easy.


Jedy Hovercraft, the leading designer and manufacturer for "all season - all terrain" vehicles is founded in 2005. We design and manufacture high performance hovercrafts for many uses and ship them worldwide. Jedy Hovercraft Team is trained at USA and UK for producing hovercraft for whole over the world.

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Jedy Hovercraft Specifications

Weight:			150 kg	(330 lbs)
Lenght:			330 cm	(10' 9'')
Width: 185 cm (6' 1'')
Height: 			150 cm	(4' 11'')
Hover Height: 25-30 cm (9''-11'')
Material: 			Fiber-Glass
Seating: 2 Passengers
Payload: 			500 kg	(1100 lbs)
Engine: Rotax 40 Hp 447cc Ultralight Engine
Electric:			12 volt / 20 amp Electric Start with Battery
Fan: 6 Blade, Reinforced Multi-Wing
Drive:			Rotax Gear Box
Rudder: Two Units Aerodinamik Fiber3-Glass
Skirts:			66 Pieces Nylon Reinforcerd Pvc Water Resistant
Speed: 65-70 km/h (40-45 m/h)
Fuel Capacity:		22 lt		(5.8 gals)
Fuel Consuimption: 12 lt/h (3 gals/h)
Noise:			85 db@ 15 m max, 74 db@ 30 m cruise

Jedy Hovercraft Standart Equipment

Key Start
Fuel Gauge
Volt Gauge
Front Fog Light
Back Flashing Light
Rear Wiew Mirrors
Cone and Flow Straighterner Blades
Bilge Pump
Fire Extinguisher
Safety Tethered Kill Switch


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Contact Information

GSM:		+90 535 966 02 91 (Kutay Yamacı)
Adress:	Isıso Sanayi Buildings, Road 5, Building I-1
              	Hadımköy, Esenyurt/İstanbul


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